Samantha Kehr

B.S. Wildlife Management

Samantha Kehr has six years of experience in a wide variety of field and lab work, including nesting bird surveys, protocol level burrowing owl surveys, San Joaquin kit fox surveys, California tiger salamander trapping, California red-legged frog surveys, California spotted owl surveys, Swainson’s hawk nest monitoring, western pond turtle surveys, valley elderberry longhorn beetle surveys, aquatic toxicology, and construction and environmental compliance monitoring. At CCCI, Ms. Kehr has participated in surveys for special-status bird species, plant identification, and wetland delineation. She is permitted to assist with California tiger salamanders and California red-legged frogs (USFWS). She has participated in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of wildlife exclusion devices, such as netting and fences. Ms. Kehr also assists with writing various environmental documents, such as biological assessments.

Ms. Kehr is familiar with many field techniques and protocols, including the following: handling and processing reptiles, amphibians, and some small mammals for weight, length, sex, etc.; nest searching; some mist netting, banding, and bleeding techniques; and mosquito and tick trapping and identification. Other tools she has experience with include GPS, radio telemetry equipment, compass, topographic maps, densiometer, microscope, spectrophotometer, flow meter, Hydrolab multimeter, dissolved oxygen meter, conductivity meter, pH meter, and the cirrus noise meter. Ms. Kehr has also used taxonomic keys to identify species (insects, marine invertebrates, mammals and plants), and has been trained on kick net macro-invertebrate sampling.